Our Difference

Restoration is a full service, family owned company, so we are able to do the emergency dry out, and subsequent construction.   Each home and business is treated like it’s our own, doing quality work in an effort to get the homeowner or business living and working the space again.

Restoration has a full-time attorney on staff to help with insurance claims with hundreds of insurance claims each year and are very familiar with how the process works.  With your home or business damaged Restoration understands how overwhelming and confusing the whole insurance claim/restoration process can be to the policy holder and are here to help!  If you provide our staff with the claim number they are able to meet with your adjustor or agent and we can help facilitate the communication process to help speed up a difficult process.

In some cases Restoration is able to dry all structural components completely without any need for repairs. However if building materials need to be removed to dry, once the area is dry or the smoke odors are removed, Restoration’s ability to help you with the insurance claim process  will helping to obtain building materials and cabinetry ect… to in an effort to shorten up the repair time.

Restoration will do the small jobs along with the large jobs.  We will clean just one room or replace a window or two as well as an emergency dry out after a fire and the complete construction including the roofing and siding.  The small job will be done with the same quality, timeliness and courtesy of the larger jobs.

  • Gentle, thorough cleaning
  • Odor and stain removal
  • Deep steam extraction
  • Safe for pets and children
  • No scrubbing or soapy residue
  • Respectful moving of furniture
  • Careful handling of possessions
  • Courteous, professional Cleaning Technicians